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No smoking - or any simulation thereof - no tobacco

Updated Sunday May 14, 2017 by Stanley Park Baseball.


Stanley Park Ball


Organized and operated by The Optimist Club of Stanley Park under Permits issued by The City of Kitchener, one of the Club’s many youth programs. 





For the past 16 or so seasons we have asked, not only our teams’ coaching staffs, but all parents & spectators to refrain from smoking at our games and practices.  It is our belief that, as an organization who’s motto is “Friend of Youth”, we should do everything within reason to ensure we provide safe, healthy programs for the children of our community – our children.  We ask everyone involved to act as a positive role model, comply with our program Rules, Policies and Codes of Conduct or voluntarily refrain from attending our events.  The decision of whether to comply or not is not optional.  Since 2009 the policy was updated to “no smoking/no tobacco” at our events in line with the PLAY, LIVE, BE TOBACCO FREE campaign.  Just as with our “No Abuse” Policy, we have a “zero tolerance” for violations of this policy.

There are 3 main areas of the law we can use to enforce our “No Smoking – No Tobacco” policy. (Refer to full policy on our website or ask for a copy) Should one wish to push things further than complying with some polite requests and/or reminders the following apply:

(1)  The Government of Ontario banned smoking on all school property 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. (Smoke-Free Ontario Act, passed May 31, 2006)  Convictions for violating this law are usually $305 but can escalate to $5,000.  As “the persons in charge” due to being “permit holders”, we are responsible for:

  • Ensuring everyone is aware of the smoking prohibition
  • Ensuring no one smokes on school property
  • Ensuring anyone smoking does not remain on school property

If someone smoking refuses to butt out or leave the school property when asked, all we need is a dated, signed statement from someone witnessing the violation.  George McLaughlin is the enforcement officer: 519 575 4591 ext 3127.  We do not need to call him, nor have him present, to have someone charged.  We have already discussed our program with him and he will act on a sworn statement (include date, time, field, and names of any additional witnesses).

(2) The Regional Municipality of Waterloo banned smoking in the outdoor “bleacher” areas to which the general public has access or is invited. (By-law 96-055 passed Nov.1, 1966)   Someone may contest what “bleachers” may be defined as, but we’re taking it to include portable bleachers and the areas around them including those at all diamonds in Wilson Park.  Convictions for violating this bylaw are currently $250 (usually for a first offence).

(3) We operate our ball leagues under Permits issued by The City of Kitchener and, as such, are required to ensure compliance with the City’s Behaviour Management Policy and all City By-laws.  While smoking is not a City of Kitchener By-law per se, our Permits give us the right and full legal authority, to request the police to help us ensure compliance with all the terms and conditions falling within our permits.  “No Smoking- No Tobacco” is one such requirement we have.  Persons in violation are not welcome at any of our events and must immediately leave the area governed by our permit when requested to do so.  Failure to leave immediately is construed as a trespassing violation and will result in the police being called to lay charges as appropriate.         

Local Police:    519 653 7700

Hopefully we aren’t pushed to use any or the options open to us – but that’s not our decision.  Please do your part to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience – and not at someone else’s expense. 

Gord Dearborn,  Chair - Stanley Park Optimist Ball


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