KSA Volunteer Recognition Award for 2016

Our hats are off to Amanda Ducey

Updated Saturday November 24, 2018 by Stanley Park Baseball.


PHOTO: Stanley Park Optimist Ball Volunteer Award presentation (l-r): KSA President Bill Pegg, Gord Dearborn (Chair of Stanley Park Optimist Ball), Amanda Ducey (award recipient), Mackenzie Kolpean (presenter) and Les Armstrong (Mayor of Wilmot Township).


Mackenzie Kolpean, who, by request for the past 6 years, has played on the team coached by Amanda Ducey ever since her first placement in our Ball Program, recounted how much she (and her team mates) enjoyed the experience year after year. She thanked Amanda for all her efforts, advice and mentoring and confirmed that several players including herself, now "too old" to play next season, are not leaving Amanda's team. They'll be back to help coach!  

The Tentworks team - players, assistant coaches and parents (2016 edition)  - were on hand to help celebrate Amanda's award. Thanks for showing your appreciation of a great volunteer!

From the event's program:

Amanda Ducey has enhanced her coaching skills and reputation over the past 8 years as her children progressed through our T-Ball leagues (Jr & Sr) and 3-Pitch (Jr & Sr).  Her players, pretty much a solid-core group throughout the years, have certainly benefited under her guidance as shown by recent their trophy collection.  Over the past seasons, her teams (all sponsored by Tentworks) have won the Jr. 3-Pitch Consolation and Championship and followed that with the Sr. 3-Pitch Consolation and Championship.

But, more importantly, as proven by the annual requests to be on her team, her players always had a lot of fun largely due to the attitude, dedication and efforts of Mandy and her assistants. Her team’s barbeques, parties and lots (and lots) of practices have helped make this a really tight-knit group that comes to every event ready to live the moment and enjoy the experience. Mandy provides one-on-one encouragement and motivates her players to the point that, more than a coach, she is truly one of the team. Mandy exemplifies the definition of a role model! 

We thank Amanda, and the hundreds of other volunteers she represents that coach our teams. In a team sports, success requires teamwork - and a team leader to put it all together. For the benefit of youth, please keep it going!