Field Locations

Updated Tuesday December 1, 2015 by Stanley Park.


Please park legally and be courteous doing so!

Please observe parking regulations when parking at the various schools and parks, i.e.stay off the grass, do not block driveways or inhibit the play on basketball courts, etc.

If parking on local "off-site" lots, e.g. a nearby church lot, you may be asked to move and must do so. You are advised NOT to park on private property unless you have permission.  Because of the volume of traffic our games generate, we can even disturb the local neighbourhood by parking legally!

List of Local Diamonds & Map Links
from the City of Kitchener website)

Canadian Martyrs  The only diamond at that school now is near Confederation Drive.  They'd like you to park in the school lot. 

Casey Park   

Crestview School  MAP   (Enter off Montcalm and park in school lot.)

Crosby Park/Stanley Park School    MAP

Franklin Diamonds # 1, #2 and #3      MAP  (#1 is by Viewmont Close, # 2 is near the school and #3 is nearest the Church on Franklin.  Best to park in the lot in front of the school.)

Hofstetter Park  MAP

Midland Park     MAP   (Best to park in the Community Centre lot.) 

Morrison Park    MAP     (Park along Morrison or in lot across Morrison)

Sheppard Diamonds #1 & Knollwood Park    MAP   (Enter school lot off Weber St.  #1 is to your left behind the school; Knollwood is the main diamond towards East Ave.)

Smithson School    MAP    (The parking lot is entered off Smithson Ave.)

St Aloysius School  MAP (504 Connaught Ave)

Sunnyside School    MAP   (Entrance to lot is on Emerald Ave.)

Weber Park    MAP  (Park at Frederick Street Mall and cross carefully with the light!)

Wilson Park Diamonds #1, #2, #3 and # 4   MAP   (#3 & #4 are behind the Community Centre and Pool with #4 being the farthest back; #1 & #2 are across the road with #1 being the closest to the road and #2 over by the concession building.)