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Photo: Senior 3-Pitch players from the Diekat and Mr KW Landscaper teams posed for a group photo after their game on June 12, 2018.




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We're playing ball now!

We hope you'll be joining us for 2019!

In 2017, in conjunction with the City of Kitchener and a grant from the Kitchener Sports Association, we added two additional play areas (for Junior T-Ball) to the Franklin Park site and one at Midland Park as well. This helps us facilitate scheduling for families with multiple players in our program -- and keeps our games in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener.

Since the late 70's, there's been T-Ball in Stanley Park.  Since taking over the responsibility for running it, it's been one of the Optimist Club of Stanley Park's major programs - and still is. Our Ball Program has branched out to include Blastball, two levels of T-Ball and, now, two levels of 3-Pitch as well.

Note regarding registering: It is always advisable to register as soon as you determine you want to participate in a sports program as spaces do fill up.   In our program, earlier registrants also determine the organization framework wrt the scheduling of the teams -- i.e. late registrants are inserted in available spots as best we can. Late & last-minute registrations are processed  on a first-come basis when the  registration fee is covered.  WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS FOR 2018. If you want to join us in 2019, please register early!  

In 2018, we have 48 teams involving over 540 players, 130 to 200 coaches (& assistants), numerous additional volunteers and 38 umpires & scorekeepers to keep things organized. Please look over the information on this and some of our other programs.  We hope you'll want to be involved.  For the 2019 season, with a similar number of players expected, we anticipate needing the same number of umpires, volunteers, coaching staff and sponsors. Use the appropriate on-line link (once we open for "early bird" registrations in Dec.2018) and join our program for spring 2019! 

General Information: We plan to play as many games as possible at Franklin and Midland Park  -- only venturing elsewhere (usually to Smithson School) when absolutely necessary (but within the Stanley Park area of Kitchener) from April 28 thru to June 23 (2018) (weather permitting). Our season-ending wrap-up celebration is on Sat. June 23, 2018 at Wilson Park. There are usually two games per week, which could be various weeknights (Sunday - Friday at 6:30 PM). Any regularly scheduled Saturday games will be at 9 AM.  NO tobacco use, nor simulation thereof, is permitted at any of our events.

Note: We offer scheduling options to accommodate you - refer to "preferred days".  Blastball & Junior players may select up to TWO days they cannot play and we'll do our best to avoid scheduling games on those two days. Game days will vary from week to week amongst the available slots, i.e. we do not play specific days each week. (Circumstances only permit us to offer players in SeniorT-Ball and 3 Pitch the opportunity to designate ONE day to have no games scheduled on.  We cannot promise anything beyond that.) Refer to the information on preferences and requests

Professional photos for our 2018 season were taken on the morning of Saturday May 12 (rain or shine). Each team had a specific appointment time (between 8:45 am and 1:30 pm) as confirmed with the team's coaching staff on a team-by-team basis based on team availability. Individual shots can be submitted, for those who miss their team's photo appointment, during the following week of the season. (More information on the photo offerings)

Our fee includes: T-shirt, baseball cap, photo package, trophy/medallion, personal Webpage for each player (and each team) and wrap-up party  - "HotDog Day" - Saturday June 23/18. It also covers equipment, park rentals, supplies and umpires (Senior T-Ball and both 3-Pitch leagues).  Players have to supply their own baseball glove (gloves aren't needed for Blastball - we do have loaner gloves for T-Ball and 3-Pitch players who have a need for one and, although batting helmets are available on a shared basis, players may wish to have their own. All players in our Senior T-Ball and both our Jr. & Sr. 3-Pitch leagues are required to wear face protection when playing an infield position - equipment is supplied. Participation is at player's own risk so parents are advised to carry insurance which covers such participation and ensure their child is dressed appropriately, i.e. suitable shoes, leg covering, etc.  We strongly recommend long pants and no jewellery. Players cannot participate wearing sandals or flip-flops.

Effective as of 2015: Defensive players, when playing infield positions, must wear facial protection. (Each team is being supplied with the necessary safety equipment.) This is mandatory for Senior T-Ball, Junior 3-Pitch and Senior 3-Pitch but remains optional for our Junior T-Ball league.

We allow players with other commitments to "arrive late" or "leave early" without penalty.  (It's a really good idea to let the coaches know ahead of time about this.)

We expect a parent/guardian to not only attend, but also help at games & practices. Everyone is required to "pitch in" as needed to the extent they can. New in 2018: Each team, with a "Snack Coordinator", was supplied with a water jug and $50 food voucher courtesy of the Healthy Kids Program. We now urge a person from each team to take on this responsibility and help promote healthy snacks for future seasons.

More information?  Registration information.

Remaining mall registration sessions

Note: The printed forms in circulation had incorrect dates.  



Register on-line anytime.. but soon!

NO HOME INTERNET?  If you know someone without Internet access that needs information on one of our leagues (or wishes to register) please pass on the information  by using the printable form available through the link at the bottom of this page.

Participation in our program requires agreement to the Parents/Guardians Agreement:

 "I(we) agree to abide by all league policies, safety requirements, code of conduct including the “no tobacco” policy, and promote good sportsmanship. I(we) grant permission for the named registrant to participate at my(our) own risk with all required fees paid before this player participates. I(we) acknowledge that the information provided on this form may be used by league officials to facilitate the operation of the league. I(we) will supervise our personal webpage, co-ordinate our website participation & photo usage with the team's website volunteer and work with the snack coordinator to promote healthy snacks. I(we) am/are familiar with the Ontario Human Rights Code and accessibility regulation requirements.”  

Please refer to the League descriptions page on our site for more information on our five ball leagues.

 More on preferences and special requests

Click here to register.



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