Junior T-Ball

Recreational, non-competitive play

Updated Wednesday October 2, 2019 by Stanley Park Baseball.

Our Junior T-Ball teams are each scheduled to play two games per week on days to suit the availability of each player as indicated when registering. The length of each game is determined by the participants and their parents but is generally approximately an hour or so with the actual game play-time extending as the weather improves and daylight stays with us longer.

There is no set pre-determined time limit for each game - teams mutually agree when to call it a day. (Usually games at the start of the season last an hour or so, but individual players may arrive late and/or leave early.)

Teams have a maximum of 11 players and, as per T-Ball rules, all 11 bat each inning.  We try to get at least 3 innings in at each game session.  There are no "enforced" outs and no automatic bases awarded for errors.

In 2017, in conjunction with the City of Kitchener and a grant from the Kitchener Sports Association, we added two play areas (for Junior T-Ball) to the Franklin Park site and one at Midland Park as well. For our 2019 season, again with financial support from KSA, an additonal play area was installed at Franklin Park and, in 2020, we'll be able to use all 3 at Franklin! These additions are entirely grass, i.e. no dirt infields, and help facilitate scheduling for families with multiple players in our program.  They also help us keep our games in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener.

We encourage teams to hold mini pre-game warm-ups and practice drills. Some individual one-on-one coaching is always beneficial for player skill development and confidence.  We encourage teams to hold post-game meetings with refreshments --- we encourage "healthy snacks" for the players. (Hopefully, many teams will have access to one of the water jugs provided in 2018 courtesy of the Healthy Kids Program). The team's Snack Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and promoting healthy snacks.

The more parental/adult help and guidance, the more the kids can learn about the game and develop their skills. The more success they have, the more fun it is for everyone. No scores are kept at this level so it's all stress-free! There are no declared game winners/losers.

Players at this level usually have their own ball glove but don't require anything elaborate - and remember that they'll soon grow out of it. We mandate that the catcher, all batters and all baserunners wear a helmet. We supply some helmets to each team for use, on a shared basis, but you may wish to purchase your own. The pitcher is required to wear a helmet with face protection, i.e. a mask, which is also supplied. Use of face protection for other infielders (mandatory as of 2015 in our Senior T-Ball and 3-Pitch leagues) is still optional for the Junior T-Ball league.

In 2015 we began utilizing a safety base at first in Junior T-Ball. (This means all our players, except Blastball, are now using the same base sets.)

So, other than a beginner's glove (and we do have inventory of gloves to lend to those in need of one), all that's needed is a pair of running shoes. We strongly recommend long pants. A team team-shirt and team hat is supplied. Sunscreen, water and a jacket are good items for the player to have available at the game for use as needed.

Teams are required to utilize different defensive positioning each inning so each player has the opportunity to play every position several times over the course of the season. 

Opportunity to indicate days you can't play.

Teams are limited to 11 players
so no one ever sits out.

We use a "soft-core" ball made for T-Ball use to minimize injuries.

For the 2018 season, each team (through a grant from Healthy Kids) was provided with a water jug and we're hoping that many of them will still be available for use for our 2020 season. If providing post-game snacks, it is hoped that the teams doing so have a Snack Coordinator to coordinate "healthy" snacks. 

Rules for Junior TBall 2015.doc
Sportsmanship contract for Players & Parents 2012

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