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Updated Sunday June 9, 2019 by Stanley Park Baseball.

All the leagues we operate are at the recreational level where the emphasis is on fair play and having fun.  We give local youth, their friends and family the opportunity to play together while developing skills and learning about the "game".  It's all about good sportsmanship and becoming a member of "the team".

We have rules to ensure that all players have the opportunity to play all fielding positions and that no-one sits out more than anyone else.  We require all participants (including spectators) to abide by our sportsmanship contracts.  We operate on permits issued by the City of Kitchener' and adhere to the City's Behavioural Guidelines.  We  enforce our Zero Tolerance for Abuse and Tobacco Free (No Smoking) policies.

Our Ball Program is geared to several sepcific age groups so children are always playing with others in the same age bracket. Each league's bracket overlaps above and below so children have more opportunity to play with others at the same skill and/or interest  level. With each increasing age bracket the game gets a little more involved,  there are more rules - and the rules are enforced more rigidly.

Rules of the games.   For our Blastball and Junior T-Ball leagues , we don't track runs nor outs  - and don't keep score. The "rules" are really guidelines to keep play standardized and, hopefully, organized for our youngest players.  Everyone needs to focus on keeping the play moving, teaching skills and ensuring everyone enjoys the game!  And the main focus is on "focusing' itself! Note: Wffective as of our 2015 season, we're using a safety base at first for our Junior T-Ball league - our Senior T-Ball and 3-Pitch leagues were already utilizing it. 

Senior T-Ball players still get to hit off a Tee but, at this level, the umpires enforce the rules by calling outs, strikes, fouls, dead balls, time, etc. and the season ends with a wrap-up tournament. There could be some sit-outs at this level of play depending on attendance at any given game. Note as of 2015: all infielders need to wear facial protection (equipment supplied).

Our 3-Pitch offering includes play in two age brackets - Junior & Senior.  The umpires won't be as lenient nor as forgiving for the Senior players. Senior players may be allowed to pitch (to their own team) if they pass pre-qualification standards .New in 2015: all infielders must wear facial protection (equipment supplied). The offensive pitcher must also wear facial protection (equipment supplied) and, it is strongly recommended, personal body protection as well.


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