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         The Stanley Park T-Ball Association was formed in 1978 to provide young boys and girls with the opportunity to participate in and learn about the game of baseball. 

        The emphasis is on fun, fair play and participation of all playersa as per TRUE SPORT guidelines and principles as noted below. 

         The Association is run entirely by volunteers (executive, coaches, convenors, etc.) who generously devote their time. New volunteers are always welcome regardless of how much or little time anyone is able to give.

         Disputes are discussed between coaches and/or umpires in a friendly and professional manner. Unresolved matters should be directed to the convenor for resolution.

         T-Ball is a game of baseball played in accordance with regular baseball rules with the incorporation of the rules as noted.

         The rules for Senior T-Ball and 3-Pitch now, as of 2007, include mandatory rotation of all players throughout the game to let each child have an opportunity at the various fielding positions.


We're not alone in our efforts to promote fair-play, participation and good-sportsmanship.  We're now one of the many sports organizations who've joined TRUE SPORT in a far more extensive grass-roots campaign to play by the principles as outlined above.  "Zero tolerance" for abuse policies and behaviour "contracts" are now becoming the norm throughout most sports - at least at the minor levels. 

        We welcome everyone's commitment in ensuring that we all act as "true sports" - hopefully not just at the games but throughout each and every day.
True Sport:  Principles for Sport

 Go For It
Always rise to the challenge.
Discover how good you can be.

Play Fair
Play honestly and obey the rules.
Winning is only real when competition is fair.

Respect Others
Respect teammates, competitors and officials, both on and off the field.
Win with dignity and lose with grace.

Keep it Fun
Have a good time. Keep a positive attitude and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Stay Healthy
Respect your body. Keep in shape.
Avoid unsafe activities.

Give Back
Do something that helps your community

True Sport - FAQ (refer to the document in list of articles below)
All players, coaches, assistants, umpires, officials, parents, guardians, and spectators are expected to abide by the city ordinances, league rules, and behave in accordance with our guidelines, codes of conduct and philosophy. All players and coaching staff have to sign a contract agreeing to such before being allowed to participate. 
Sportsmanship supervisors (“managers”) help administer the program and intervene as necessary to promote good sportsmanship. Managers (pre-designated and in-uniform) are permitted on the field at any time to monitor behaviour and initiate corrective measures. 
Our officials have a ‘zero tolerance for abuse’ and enforce it to ensure that all participants enjoy the games and practices. There is no smoking (NO tobacco nor simulations thereof in any form) permitted on or by the diamonds during our permit times (which cover the warm-up and post-game activities.) Abusive language and swearing are not acceptable. 
BULLYING: Here's the link to PrevNet, a Canadian network with a mission to stop bullying in Canada and to promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children and youth. 
Please do your part. Relax. Have fun.   Let everyone enjoy the experience. It’s just a game. 

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