For Players

  • For Players - Some tips, drills & guidelines

    There are lots more things for a player to do than just show up for the game. Being ready is pretty basic. Arrive early & do warm-ups. Dress appropriately in your team shirt & hat and suitable pants and shoes. Sweatshirt or jacket if cold? Bring your glove and maybe some water & sunscreen. Come prepared = equipped & ready to participate!
  • Gloves

    All players - except for those in Blastball - need a glove for fielding. Note that there are lots of choices and a wide range of prices. No need to spend a fortune, especially for a young player just trying out the sport - and growing each year!
  • Get the right sized bat for YOU

    We try to supply each team with an assortment of bats in an effort to have one suitable for each player. Some players use their own bats, which is fine but they must be prepared to share with other players. It is important that players use a bit suitable in weight and size.