For the Coaching Staff

  • For Coaches, assistants & helpers

    Please read over these articles and use the information to ensure that each player has the best opportunity to develop his/her skills while having fun. It'd be great if all parents/guardians were familiar with the material for when they "pitch-in" and help. There's something here for everyone.
  • The Rally Cap Program

    Baseball Canada launched the Rally Cap Program nation-wide in 2006. It now offers better tools for players (ages 6-8) and coaches in order to enhance their first experience with the game of baseball. This has a complete set of practice plans for the beginning players. Very, very useful.
  • Coaching Certification with NCCP

    Baseball Canada has developed an on-line training module as part of the Initiation Coach program. It is an inter-active self-directed training tool that you complete at your own pace and convenience. It gives you access to on-line video drills, materials, practice plans and skill development tools in an easy to follow format.
  • The Learn to Play Program

    The Learn to Play Program is designed to be a young person's introduction to the sport of Softball. The emphasis is on FUN, ACTION, and a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE, with a gradual introduction to non- stressful competition. The Program provides children aged 5-10 with maximum opportunity to practice the skills necessary to successfully play softball.
  • Sport for Life CS4L and the LTAD stages

    Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. CS4L links sport, education, recreation and health and aligns community, provincial and national programming. LTAD is a seven-stage training, competition and recovery pathway guiding an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. CS4L, with LTAD, represents a paradigm shift in the way Canadians lead and deliver sport and physical activity in Canada.